Intel Pentium 4 Interrupt Loss

I have found the Pentium 4 running on the newer Intel motherboards and chipsets will sometimes miss an interrupt (only several times a day - very ugly). You can sometimes see this as an IDE disk timeout in the event logs. It also stops frame grabbers in their tracks so be careful. Xeon chips based on the P4 and their chipsets don't seem to have this problem. This could be a MS Windows or Intel problem, no one seems to care. It occurs on some models of Matrox and BitFlow grab boards and possibly others. I no longer use Matrox grab boards except rarely on Xeon systems. The BitFlow R3 can be used on a P4 if you know what you are doing.

915 error1

A typical error log from a Pentium 4, 915 chipset running Windows Server-2003. ATAPI errors indicate missing interrupts.

915 error2

Detail for the error.

915 error3

What Microsoft has to say about it - basically nothing useful.

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