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Testing Qt Threads

NOTE: the quality level of this post is beta. I created this test program simply to test various combinations of QThread signal-slot operation. See the reading list for the proper way to use QThread.

Testing Qt Thread Operation

Soft Real-Time Performance Testing

In this entry I will provide the latest versions of test programs I use to check the real-time performance of threads on soft real-time operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Soft real-time systems can provide near true real-time performance, but can have delays in their response to external signals of 0.1 seconds or longer depending on how they are used. …

Folding-Hyperspace on YouTube

I have recently created a portfolio of my work on YouTube (link to channel). These are promotional sales videos for my employer Ventek’s products which I shot and edited. I did not design or program all the equipment shown, so here is a guide to the videos and my involvement. …

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