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Qt DLL Version Use

Another example of DLL Hell in action.

I run into a problem while building a new development system this last week. I had previously been using Windows XP Pro and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. On the new system I moved to Windows 7 Ultimate and MS VS 2010. …

Robust Programming

Note: this documentation is in beta format right now. I plan to expand on it sooner rather than later. Considering it is a very important point when doing industrial applications, I thought it should be covered now.

Qt Framework Update

News Flash 2012-08-09 Nokia sells Qt to Digia. Perhaps the best solution to Elop's folly.

Not that Qt will die - Digia claims there are almost half a million Qt developers out there. The platform is used for some high-profile applications including the VLC's Videolan Media Player, Google Earth and Mathematica. Digia is promising support for Android and iOS as well as continued support for embedded platforms including QNX (the foundation for the latest RIM OS) and VxWorks (which is doing such sterling work on Mars at the moment).

Qt Framework Update

You can see a few screen shots of what I've done with the Qt Framework here.

First, The Positive Things

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